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## FEATURED ## [The State of Go: Where We Are in February 2015](https://talks.golang.org/2015/state-of-go.slide) An update on all things Go from core team member Andrew Gerrand, including the transition to Git, why they don’t accept pull requests, what’s going on with Go 1.5, the community, and more. [Interactive Go to x86 Assembly Language Viewer](http://go.godbolt.org/) Write Go code on the left, see the x86 assembly on the right. Use the ‘colourise’ button to get a feel for how each line of Go relates to the output. [Go 1.4.2 Released: A Minor Bugfix Point Release](https://groups.google.com/d/msg/golang-announce/JT1jOsxZ2Ow/ULqev1M4B3IJ) Includes some bug fixes to the go command, the compiler and link, and a few packages. [Top 8 Usage Scenarios for Log Management](https://www.loggly.com/product/usage-scenarios/) Whether you are troubleshooting site issues or monitoring external services, managing and centralizing logs is important for your site’s success…and your sanity. Discover 8 usage scenarios for log management and how this fits in your WebOps toolkit. [A 50 Minute Go Tour and Tutorial](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CF9S4QZuV30) Aimed at beginners or anyone who fancies a refresher, this video whips through variables, data types, operators, closures, functions, and more in just 50 minutes. (Redditors suggest the section on channels is not so good, however, so caveat emptor.) [Deploying Go applications to Azure Websites](http://www.jayway.com/2015/02/16/deploying-go-applications-azure-websites/) Through the recently released HttpPlatformHandler, Azure Websites (and, indeed, IIS generally) can host any HTTP-based application, including those written in Go. [Reducing Allocations in Go Code](http://methane.github.io/2015/02/reduce-allocation-in-go-code/) A look at some approaches to reducing memory allocations in performance sensitive Go code. [Go Escape Analysis Flaws](https://docs.google.com/document/d/1CxgUBPlx9iJzkz9JWkb6tIpTe5q32QDmz8l0BouG0Cw/preview?sle=true) Escape analysis detects objects that can be allocated on the stack rather than heap, but sometimes it doesn’t work well. ## IN BRIEF ## [GopherChina: April 25-26 in Shanghai](http://gopherchina.org/) Loving the Chinese take on the Go gopher. [The Ardan Labs 3 Day Go Bootcamp](http://www.ardanlabs.com/go-bootcamp-tour) Coming to Denver, SF, Boston, NYC, Houston, GopherCon, and Chicago. [Securing HTTP Handlers in Go](http://iankent.uk/2015/02/06/securing-http-handlers-in-go/) [Testing HTTP Caching in Go](http://www.sanarias.com/blog/215TestingHTTPcachinginGo) [An Interview with Gopher Andrew Gerrand](http://www.gophercon.in/blog/2015/02/17/andrew/) [Go Static Analysis Tools](https://vimeo.com/114736889) [Agouti 2.0: A WebDriver / Acceptance Testing Framework for Go](http://pivotallabs.com/agouti-2-0/) [Mack: A Go Wrapper for AppleScript](https://github.com/everdev/mack) Lets you do things like trigger OS X desktop notifications and system sounds from Go. [BoomFilters: Probabilistic Data Structures for Unbounded Streams](https://github.com/tylertreat/BoomFilters) Not a typo of ‘bloom’ filters, but does include implementations of some. [Gohort: A Simple URL Shortner](https://github.com/aishraj/gohort) [picfit: An Image Resizing Server Written in Go](https://medium.com/@thoas/introduction-to-picfit-an-image-resizing-server-written-in-go-c8320c017d41) [websocketd: Think CGI, but for WebSockets](http://websocketd.com/) websocketd provides an easy way for programs in any language to work with WebSockets. [Gogs: A Self-Hosted Git Service Written in Go](http://gogs.io/) Think GitHub-lite. [Fog Creek Catches the Go Bug; Open Sources 2 Libraries](http://blog.fogcreek.com/there-are-gophers-with-gifts-at-fog-creek/) ‘Mini’ is a simple ini configuration file parser and ‘logging’ is a logger that supports tagged logging.


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