Golang 最新资料汇总(六)

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这是一个创建于 的主题,其中的信息可能已经有所发展或是发生改变。

## FEATURED ## [Exploring Go's Runtime - How a Process Bootstraps Itself](http://blog.matttproud.com/2015/02/exploring-gos-runtime-how-process.html) The start of a series of a posts looking at how an executable produced by Go 1.4.1 bootstraps the environment in which it runs. This is low level stuff. [Running Go Programs On a $15 Device](http://www.sajalkayan.com/post/golang-openwrt-mips.html) Nope, not a Raspberry Pi but a WT1520 router. [Hacking with Andrew and Brad: Writing an HTTP/2 Client in Go](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yG-UaBJXZ80) Over the course of 1 hour and 46 minutes, Andrew Gerrand and Brad Fitzpatrick write the beginnings of a HTTP/2 client in Go. It’s long but you should pick up some new techniques and ideas. [Go Language Training](http://www.ardanlabs.com/go-bootcamp-tour) The Ardan Labs Go Bootcamp is a 3 day class providing a comprehensive, idiomatic view of Go. It covers syntax, concurrency, channels, testing, debugging + more. Great for anyone wanting to get a jumpstart on Go or to understand more of the language. [The 5 Stages of Learning Go (with Examples)](https://sourcegraph.com/blog/live/gopherconindia/112025389257) Find out if you’re a newcomer, explorer, builder, expert or advocate. [Grind: A Go Program 'Polisher'](https://github.com/rsc/grind) Grind rewrites Go programs and does dead code elimination, goto lining, unused label removal, and similar cleanups. [GopherLua: A VM and Compiler for Lua in Go](https://github.com/yuin/gopher-lua) Not a toy project but actually designed to let you easily embed a trusted scripting language (Lua) into Go host programs. ## IN BRIEF ## [New SSA Backend for the Go Compiler](https://docs.google.com/document/d/1szwabPJJc4J-igUZU4ZKprOrNRNJug2JPD8OYi3i1K0/preview?sle=true) “For the 1.6 release, I’d like to propose doing some more radical surgery on the compiler. I’d like to convert from the current syntax-tree-based IR to a more modern SSA-based IR.” [Free Half-Day Go Training Workshops in London](https://www.frameworktraining.co.uk/go-language-free-training-workshop/) Looks like this is to promote a more expensive 3 day training, but could be useful in its own right. [Scheduler Tracing In Go](http://www.goinggo.net/2015/02/scheduler-tracing-in-go.html) A look at how to interpret the scheduler trace information from a sample concurrent Go program. [IPv6 and IPv4 Name Resolution with Go](http://garrett.damore.org/2015/02/ipv6-and-ipv4-name-resolution-with-go.html) [Why Timehop Chose Go to Replace Their Rails App](https://medium.com/building-timehop/why-timehop-chose-go-to-replace-our-rails-app-2855ea1912d) [You Don't Like Go Because You Are Small](http://tmikov.blogspot.co.uk/2015/02/you-dont-like-googles-go-because-you.html) Some criticisms being thrown at Go. Only if you enjoy a bit of flamebait.. [gore: Yet Another Go REPL](https://github.com/motemen/gore) Includes line editing, code completion, and more. [Gorack: A Go Frontend Webserver for Ruby's Rack Applications](https://github.com/gmarik/gorack) Still an alpha / proof of concept. [Burlesque: A Message Queue Server with HTTP Interface](https://github.com/KosyanMedia/burlesque) Uses long polling. Kyoto Cabinet is the backend DB. [safekeeper: CLI Tool That Substitutes Tokens with ENV Variables](https://github.com/alexandre-normand/safekeeper) Integrates with go:generate to replace substitute tokens with environment variable values, as a way to keep secrets safe from your source. [Piper: A Functional Concurrent Pipeline Builder and Manager for Go](https://medium.com/@pedroncs/let-the-piper-starts-to-play-cdacdbe120a0) [Hugo 0.13 Released: A Fast and Flexible Static Site Generator](https://github.com/spf13/hugo/releases)


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