Go1.5 尚未实现的Todolist

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1.5的代码将在5月1日冻结,go team官方给出了在1.5中尚未实现的Todolist,但并不承诺后续一定会实现。[ Todolist 文档查看](http://pan.baidu.com/s/1mgxciHa)。其中有一项“shared library support ”,看来go有意向支持动态链接库了! Go 1.5 code freeze is May 1, 2015; release is August 1, 2015. This is a list of things we’re hoping will be in Go 1.5 but are not yet done. For the list of things that are done, see doc/go1.5.txt. Strikethrough items are done. This list only lists “big” items. This list is only aspirational; it is not a promise or a contract. Comments? Mail golang-dev. Thanks. Last updated: Apr 1, 2015. ## Language ## * type elision for map keys analogous with elision for slices (compiler: rsc, spec, go/*: gri) * possibly minor cleanups (gri) ## Packages ## * debug/dwarf: more complete functionality (austin) * unicode: update to version 8.0 (mpvl) * move go/types to std repo (gri) * tokenizer for json (issue 6050) (peter@waldschmidt.com) ##Runtime## * rewrite select to hold only one channel lock at a time (dvyukov) * concurrent pauseless collector (rlh) * performance analysis tooling (austin) ## Toolchain ## * no C code any more (rsc) * proposal for vendoring specification (bradfitz) * specification of canonical import path * internal packages for all of $GOPATH (rsc) * cmd/asm written in Go (r) * cmd/gc, cmd/?g converted to Go (rsc) * race detector improvements (dvyukov) * shared library support (iant,michael.hudson@canonical.com) * Android NDK support (crawshaw)execution tracer (dvyukov) ## Ports ## * list as linux/arm64. still needs cgo support (minux) * android/arm (crawshaw) (still needs x/sys support) * darwin/arm (still needs x/sys support) (crawshaw) * darwin/arm64 (crawshaw) (still needs x/sys support) * plan9/arm (ality@pbrane.org) * linux/ppc64, linux/ppc64le (still needs cgo, external linking support) (austin) * linux/arm64 still needs cgo support (aram)


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