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## FEATURED [Echo: Fast HTTP Router and Micro Web Framework](https://github.com/labstack/echo) Promises to be a fast router of HTTP requests to functions. Includes extensible middleware and handler support, as well as the ability to serve static files. [Golang Custom Transports and Timeouts](http://biasedbit.com/blog/golang-custom-transports/) A post-mortem of a Go production system crash that involved digging into the guts of Go’s network source code to find a leak. [Reading and Writing the Redis Protocol in Go](http://www.redisgreen.net/blog/reading-and-writing-redis-protocol/) The Redis wire protocol is remarkably simple, which makes it easy to build a client that implements all of Redis’s major features. This article from RedisGreen introduces the protocol and steps through how to build a simple yet feature-complete parser with Go. [v8worker: Minimal Go Bindings to the V8 JavaScript Engine](https://github.com/ry/v8worker) Exposes a non-blocking message passing interface to V8. Go and JavaScript interact by sending and receiving messages. Notably, it comes from Ryan Dahl, the original creator of Node.js. [Gobot Is Go: A Live Webcast on May 5](http://www.oreilly.com/pub/e/3392) Learn about using Go for robotics and working with the Internet of Things from Ron Evans and Adrian Zankich in a free webcast next month. [Endless: Zero Downtime Restarts for Go Servers](https://github.com/fvbock/endless) A drop-in replacement for both http.ListenAndServe and http.ListenAndServeTLS. Listens for signals to fork/restart but finishes running requests too. [StableLib: Stable LTS Distributions of Go Packages?](https://www.stablelib.com/) Not yet released but they’re gathering interest in the idea. It’s aimed at businesses who want the reassurance of long term support of popular Go packages. [Toxiproxy: A 'Chaotic' TCP Proxy to Simulate Network Conditions](https://github.com/shopify/toxiproxy) A tool built by and heavily used at Shopify that simulates network conditions, generally negative ones. It enables you to prove with tests that your application doesn’t have single points of failure. ## IN BRIEF [GitHub's Git Large File Storage (LFS) is built with Go](https://git-lfs.github.com/) Git LFS is a command line extension and specification for managing large files with Git, written in Go. [External Assets, Working Directories, and Go](https://www.kaihag.com/external-assets-working-directories-and-go/) [Go Experts, What Are The Most Common Mistakes and Stylistic Faux Pas You See?](http://www.reddit.com/r/golang/comments/31qtl1/3rd_degree_black_belts_in_go_what_are_the_most/) [HTTP/2 and Go](https://www.youtube.com/watch) Brad Fitzpatrick spoke about his implementation of an HTTP/2 server in Go at London Go Gathering. [Interfaces will Save the Future: Rate Limiter in Golang](https://www.hakkalabs.co/articles/interfaces-will-save-the-future-rate-limiter-in-golang) Mohit Gupta and Alex Zylman from Clever introduce Sphinx, a high-performance rate limiter built in Go as a case study. [How Go Spread At CloudFlare](https://www.youtube.com/watch) [Interact: A Utility Belt for Interacting with the User on a CLI](https://github.com/deiwin/interact) [naturalsort: A Simple Natural Sorter for Go Strings](https://github.com/skarademir/naturalsort) Implements the sort.Interface [ssgo: Easy Single Sign On with GitHub](https://github.com/captncraig/ssgo) Other external services to be supported later. [LazyList: A Lazy Concurrent List-Based Set Algorithm](https://github.com/gaigepr/lazylist) [go-polymer: An Example App Bringing Together Polymer and Go](https://github.com/treeder/go-polymer) Polymer is a library by Google for creating and working with Web Components. [Goose: A 'Dumb' File Generator](https://github.com/andersjanmyr/goose) Takes a file structure and replaces names with values. Billed as ‘similar to Thor and Yeoman, but dumber.’ [Progress: Monitor The Progress of Long-Running HTTP Requests](https://github.com/Bowery/progress)


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