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## FEATURED ## [go-fuzz: Randomized Testing for Go Packages](https://github.com/dvyukov/go-fuzz) A coverage-guided fuzzing testing mechanism. Useful for testing packages that parse complex inputs and especially inputs from potentially malicious users (e.g. the public). [Journey: A Minimal Blog Engine, Compatible with Ghost Themes](https://kabukky.github.io/journey/) A no dependency blogging tool that supports plugins written in Lua and existing themes created for the Node-based Ghost blogging system. [Vault: A Tool for Managing Secrets](https://www.vaultproject.io/) Written in Go, and the latest in a long line of examples of infrastructure related projects being written in the language. [FreeCache: A Cache Library for Go with No GC Overhead](https://github.com/coocood/freecache) Claims you can cache an unlimited number of objects in memory without increased GC latency. [A Rust Contributor Tries Their Hand at Go](http://www.polyglotweekly.com/2015/04/24/thoughts-of-a-rustacean-learning-go.html) An interesting look at what an experienced Rust developer thought of Go when they tried it out. ## IN BRIEF ## [The http.HandlerFunc Wrapper Technique](https://medium.com/@matryer/the-http-handlerfunc-wrapper-technique-in-golang-c60bf76e6124) [The Easy Guide to Securing HTTP + TLS with Go](http://fastah.blackbuck.mobi/blog/securing-https-in-go/) [Retrying in Go](https://medium.com/@matryer/retrying-in-golang-quicktip-f688d00e650a) [How to Asynchronously Split an io.Reader](http://rodaine.com/2015/04/async-split-io-reader-in-golang/) [wgo: Managed Workspaces on top of the Go Tool](https://github.com/skelterjohn/wgo) [autobld: Util to Automatically Recompile Server Apps When Changes Are Made to Source](https://github.com/prashantv/autobld) [GIGO: An Equivalent of PIP (the Python Package Manager) for Go](https://github.com/LyricalSecurity/gigo) [Pusher Gets an Official Go Library](https://blog.pusher.com/pusher-golang-library/) Pusher is a service that helps you build real-time apps by acting as a real-time message server. [socketmaster: A Zero-Config, Reverse-Proxy Written in Go](https://github.com/badgerodon/socketmaster)


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