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## FEATURED [The State of Go 1.5](http://talks.golang.org/2015/state-of-go-may.slide) A slide deck by a core team member that looks at Go 1.5, scheduled for release in August. Its tool chain has been converted from C to Go, GC latency is improved, there’s support for Android and experimental support for iOS, plus a lot more. [Go in Go](http://talks.golang.org/2015/gogo.slide) “As of the 1.5 release of Go, the entire system is now written in Go. (And a little assembler.) C is gone.” A look at some of the background to this move. [A Look Inside Caddy, a Web Server Written in Go](http://blog.gopheracademy.com/caddy-a-look-inside/) Caddy is a Web server (a la nginx or Apache) written in Go that supports HTTP/2 and uses interesting ideas like middleware based routing. [melody-jsnes: Multiplayer NES via WebSockets and Go](https://github.com/olahol/melody-jsnes) Connects together the JSNES JavaScript NES emulator with a Go server and WebSockets to enable two player support in the browser. [A New Go 1.5 GOMAXPROCS Default?](https://docs.google.com/document/d/1At2Ls5_fhJQ59kDK2DFVhFu3g5mATSXqqV5QrxinasI/edit) “To date, the default setting of GOMAXPROCS in Go releases has been 1. For Go 1.5, we propose to change the default to the number of CPUs available.” ## IN BRIEF [Securing a Restful JSON API with JWT Authentication in Go](http://blog.brainattica.com/restful-json-api-jwt-go/) [Developing in Go with the Nix Package Manager](http://lethalman.blogspot.co.uk/2015/02/developing-in-golang-with-nix-package.html) [Go: The Price of interface{}](http://www.darkcoding.net/software/go-the-price-of-interface/) [The Go Beartrap Lying in the Shadows](http://www.qureet.com/blog/golang-beartrap/) [vim-go 1.0.5 Released: A Go Development Plugin for Vim](https://github.com/fatih/vim-go/releases/tag/v1.0.5) [Go Plugins are as Easy as Pie](http://npf.io/2015/05/pie/) Introduces pie, a toolkit for writing plugins in Go [go-ipify: Client Library for ipify, a Simple IP Address API](https://github.com/rdegges/go-ipify) Use this to retrieve your public IP address via an external service. [Mongolar: An Angular and Go-based CMS](https://github.com/mongolar/mongolar) [A Terminal-based Tetris Written in Go](http://www.jjinux.com/2015/05/tetris-written-in-go.html)


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