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## FEATURED [7 Common Mistakes in Go and When to Avoid Them](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=29LLRKIL_TI) Steve Francia of Docker looks at some common mistakes when using Go’s features, such as interface usage, pointer misunderstandings, and thinking of errors as strings. [gb, A Project Based Build Tool for the Go Programming Language](http://dave.cheney.net/2015/06/09/gb-a-project-based-build-tool-for-the-go-programming-language) We’ve mentioned this interesting tool a few times, but its creator has written up a full introduction and explains the benefits of adopting a project based workflow for building solutions in Go. [The State of Go in the Market and Its Future](http://www.reddit.com/r/golang/comments/394vzq/the_state_of_go_in_market_and_its_future/) A Reddit discussion about Go’s popularity and relevance in the market. Opinions go all the way from saying not to put all your eggs in Go’s basket to Go being “the next great language.” [Rob Pike On The Move From C to Go in The Toolchain](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cF1zJYkBW4A) At GopherFest 2015, Rob Pike spoke about the state of Go 1.5 and how the entire system is now itself written in Go. [How We Moved Our API From Ruby to Go](http://blog.parse.com/learn/how-we-moved-our-api-from-ruby-to-go-and-saved-our-sanity/) Ruby let Parse get the first versions of their API out the door quickly but they’ve recently been reimplementing some of it in Go - why? [Godep: Dependency Management in Go](http://blog.codeship.com/godep-dependency-management-in-golang/) Instead of requiring changes to be made to the source code to support vendored import paths, Godep modifies GOPATH to use the vendored folder. ## IN BRIEF [Experimental Dependency Vendoring in Go 1.5](https://groups.google.com/d/msg/golang-dev/74zjMON9glU/4lWCRDCRZg0J) [Women Who Go in San Francisco](http://www.meetup.com/Women-Who-Go/) A new group for female Go developers meeting up for the first time later this month. [Implementing A Reverse Proxy in Go on Google App Engine](http://pokstad.com/2015/06/05/golang-reverse-proxy-in-gae.html) [Experiences in Writing an Integration Service in Go](http://adampresley.com/2015/06/08/experiences-in-writing-an-integration-service-in-go.html) [A Year with Go](http://vagabond.github.io/rants/2015/06/05/a-year-with-go/) If you enjoy reading contrary opinion pieces.. “I’m going to put Go (alongside C++, Java and PHP) in the weird drawer under the microwave where all the stuff you can’t find a good use for gravitates.” [go2xcode: Go Package to Xcode Project Generator](https://github.com/rakyll/go2xcode) Converts a Go package into a Xcode project that targets iOS 8.3. [grace: Graceful Restart for Go Servers](https://github.com/facebookgo/grace) Makes it easy to build socket based servers that can be gracefully terminated restarted (i.e. without dropping any connections). [kala: A Modern Job Scheduler Written in Go](https://github.com/ajvb/kala) Has a simple language agnostic JSON over HTTP API and uses BoltDB as a backend. Currently just an alpha. [go-freeling: Natural Language Processing in Go](https://github.com/advancedlogic/go-freeling) A partial port of Freeling 3.1, an open source suite of natural language analyzers. It can do things like PoS tagging, text tokenization, sentence splitting, and morphological analysis.


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