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写了9年JAVA 当年goagent 还没出go版前就知道GO了,一直没研究深入 14年在前某家公司CTO介绍过GO,当年在idea里的go插件debug时貌似只有全局变量可以调试到值,函数里的变量看不到值 直到v2ex看见goglang刚出的帖子,才燃起了深入学习GO的冲动 现在已经开始在项目引入GO在跑了
只能说时间真是快,一眨眼,Go语言中文网 建立快 5 年了,回想其中的点滴,让人感慨,感谢广大 gopher 的支持。 祝愿 Go 语言未来十年有更好的发展,也希望 Go 语言中文网能够为 gopher 们带来更大的成长!
"As someone who has been doing heavily threaded apps for going on 20 years -- log based debugging has long been my only true and trusted friend. Debuggers just tend to suck with concurrency (and that is minor concurrency, dozens of threads, not millions of goroutines) -- so does logging, but less. The amount of money I have spent on "premium" debuggers supposed to "make debugging threaded code easy" over the last two decades is insane -- and I always returned to 'I will just log it'." https://www.reddit.com/r/golang/comments/373f2s/whats_the_best_debugger_to_use_with_golang/