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The Go compilation environment can be customized by environment variables. None is required by the build, but you may wish to set some to override the defaults.


    The root of the Go tree, often $HOME/go. Its value is built into the tree when it is compiled, and defaults to the parent of the directory where all.bash was run. There is no need to set this unless you want to switch between multiple local copies of the repository.


    The value assumed by installed binaries and scripts when $GOROOT is not set explicitly. It defaults to the value of $GOROOT. If you want to build the Go tree in one location but move it elsewhere after the build, set $GOROOT_FINAL to the eventual location.

  • $GOOS and $GOARCH

    The name of the target operating system and compilation architecture. These default to the values of$GOHOSTOS and $GOHOSTARCH respectively (described below).

    Choices for $GOOS are darwin (Mac OS X 10.6 and above), dragonflyfreebsdlinuxnetbsdopenbsdplan9,solaris and windows. Choices for $GOARCH are amd64 (64-bit x86, the most mature port), 386 (32-bit x86), and arm (32-bit ARM). The valid combinations of $GOOS and $GOARCH are:

      darwin 386
      darwin amd64
      dragonfly 386
      dragonfly amd64
      freebsd 386
      freebsd amd64
      freebsd arm
      linux 386
      linux amd64
      linux arm
      netbsd 386
      netbsd amd64
      netbsd arm
      openbsd 386
      openbsd amd64
      plan9 386
      plan9 amd64
      solaris amd64
      windows 386
      windows amd64

    The name of the host operating system and compilation architecture. These default to the local system's operating system and architecture.

    Valid choices are the same as for $GOOS and $GOARCH, listed above. The specified values must be compatible with the local system. For example, you should not set $GOHOSTARCH to arm on an x86 system.

  • $GOBIN

    The location where Go binaries will be installed. The default is $GOROOT/bin. After installing, you will want to arrange to add this directory to your $PATH, so you can use the tools. If $GOBIN is set, the go command installs all commands there.





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