go语言Exercise: Images

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Remember the picture generator you wrote earlier? Let's write another one, but this time it will return an implementation ofimage.Image instead of a slice of data.

Define your own Image type, implement the necessary methods, and call pic.ShowImage.

Bounds should return a image.Rectangle, like image.Rect(0, 0, w, h).

ColorModel should return color.RGBAModel.

At should return a color; the value v in the last picture generator corresponds to color.RGBA{v, v, 255, 255} in this one.

package main

import (

type Image struct{}

func (i *Image) ColorModel() color.Model {
return color.RGBAModel

func (i *Image) Bounds() image.Rectangle {
return image.Rect(0, 0, 256, 256)

func (i *Image)  At(x, y int) color.Color {
v := (uint8)(x^y)
return color.RGBA{v, v, 255, 255}
func main() {
m := &Image{}




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